Ninety-nine percent of What Businesses are Doing is not Working

Joshua Estrin, PhD
2 min readJan 21, 2021

Fewer than one percent of all leads turn into customers. This means that 99% of what businesses are doing is not working. If this does not make you want to go home and pull the covers over your head — It should…

Ninety-nine percent of what businesses are doing is not working

It is not, “should I invest in ABM?” Instead, “how do I start ABM?” Still not drinking the Kool-Aid? Review the following statistics about B2B organizations that have accepted that ABM has real value to their overall marketing strategy:

Some of the top benefits include:

  • Alignment of sales and marketing teams: Your sales and marketing teams need to play nice. When they are aligned on goals, resources, and communication, you’ll realize higher revenue, increase brand awareness, and create a consistent and uniform customer experience.
  • High return on investment (and ability to measure it): Research by ITSMA found that 87% of marketers that measure ROI say that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment. Not measuring ROI? You have more significant problems than can be addressed in this article.
  • Increased revenue: Most companies who use an account-based marketing strategy see an increase in revenue due to the rise in the average sale size. The personalized approach invigorates customers, causing a willingness to spend more with a company they trust.
  • Expansion of business through account relationships: By using personalization and by building trust with your customers, you’ll not only retain them longer, but they’ll also turn into one of your best referral channels.

Are you ready to take the deep dive and increase transactions by building authentic relationships? Wait, isn’t relationship building what we have been talking about… Since the beginning of time?